Lubbock County, Texas

State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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Justice of the Peace - Precinct 4

Honorable Lance Cansino
Lubbock County Courthouse
904 Broadway, Suite 121
Lubbock, TX 79401

WARNING: Do not attempt to contact the Judge by mail, email, phone, or in person about pending criminal or civil matters. Doing so may be considered ex parte communication and could result in serious consequences.

Judge CansinoFUNCTION OF THE OFFICE: A Justice of the Peace serves as a trial court judge in Class C Misdemeanor Criminal Cases and in two kinds of civil law suits: Small Claims, Justice Court. A Justice of the Peace also has magistrate duties.
MISSION STATEMENT: To provide Justice Court Service to all who require it in the most courteous and expedient way possible within the limits of the law.
COURTROOM DO'S AND DON'TS: Arrive on time. Proper dress for men is long pants, a shirt with a collar and shoes. Women should wear a dress, skirt, or long pants with a modest top and shoes. It is not proper to wear a hat. Upon entering the courtroom, the Constable will instruct you. Quietly sit down. It is proper to stand when the Judge enters. Always be polite and respond appropriately when questioned. Only one person speaks at a time.

WHO'S IN THE COURTROOM: Judge- the Justice of the Peace presides over the court and must be impartial and base decisions on the law and evidence that is presented in the courtroom. For this reason, the Judge will only speak with the litigants in the courtroom during the hearing or trial. Jury- a panel of six citizens selected to decide the facts of the case and determine the prevailing party. Attorney- a properly credentialed person hired or appointed to represent the parties to a court case. Justice Court Clerk- a person assigned to a particular Justice Court to receive filings, process, and prepare court papers. Court Bailiff- the Constable is responsible for ensuring safety and proper behavior is maintained in the courtroom.

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