Lubbock County, Texas

State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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It's the job of the Civil Division to answer civil calls and to serve various papers sent from the Courts (District, County and Justices of the Peace).

                                                           Constable's Office Civil Fees
Notices $80.00 Writ of Restitution $200.00
Subpoena $80.00 Writ of Execution $200.00
Summons $80.00 Writ of Attachment $200.00
Citation $80.00 Writ of Garnishment $200.00
Precepts $80.00 Writ of Habeas Corpus $200.00
Order of Sale $200.00 Writ of Possession $200.00
Forcible Detainer $80.00 Writ of Sequestration $200.00
Small Claims Citation $80.00 Writ of Re-Entry $200.00
Justice Court Citation $80.00
Tax Suit Citation $80.00 Civil/Family Law-Cases $65.00
All Other Citation $80.00 Notice of Sale- Posting each Location $65.00
Citation $80.00 Deed or Bill of Sale $65.00
Precepts $80.00 Preparation of Notice of Sale $65.00
Temporary Restaining Orders $200.00 Probate/Guardianship Posting $65.00
Turnover Order $200.00
All Other Writs $200.00
Deed or Bill of Sale $65.00
Commission to be collected for Constable's Sale
First $100 10%
Over $100.00 but not exceeding $1000.00 6%
Over $1000.00 but not exceeding $5000.00 3%
All sums over $5000.00, but not exceeding $300.000.00 2%

A $40.00 dollas charge per hour, per Officer on Writs of Executions, Writ of Possession, Writ of Re-entry and Writ of Sequestrations after two hours; This charge will be paid by the filling Plaintiff.

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