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State Of Texas - County Of Lubbock

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Traffic Tickets- Call 806.775.1547 or 806.775.1548 if you need help.



     On any traffic offense, you have the absolute right to plead Not Guilty and request a trial. If you choose to go to trial, you will need to post an appearance bond. An appearance bond simply means you are putting up collateral (usually cash or surety) to guarantee your appearance in Court. Once you show up for your trial, the bond will be returned to you.

     If you wish to plead Not Guilty, you may also request trial by Judge or Jury. That choice is yours.  You are not required to have an attorney in Court, but you may hire one if you wish. The District Attorney of Lubbock County will have an attorney present to prosecute the case against you. The Judge is prohibited, by Law, from discussing your ticket with you unless you have pled guilty or no contest, or the District Attorney is also present.
     If you choose to go to Court, you are responsible for bringing all papers, pictures, and exhibits with you to the Court hearing. You may also contact the Court for information on how to subpoena witnesses.
     You may also plead Guilty or Nolo Contendre (No Contest) and pay the fine amount listed below, or you may refer to the Defensive Driving option listed below. Drivers under 17 who get tickets are required to appear in Court with their parents. Individuals under the age of 17 and enrolled in a school in Lubbock County may ask the Judge if they can work their fine through community service.


Fines can be paid online, in person, or by mail. 

To PAY ONLINE by credit card, go to the link on this website that says Pay Tickets Online.

TO PAY AT OUR OFFICE come to the Lubbock County Courthouse, 904 Broadway, Lubbock, Texas during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

TO PAY BY MAIL: Judge Jim Hansen, P.O. Box 10536, Lubbock, Texas 79408.

Paying a fine can result in a conviction on your driving record. This website also list information about contesting your ticket in Court, Defensive Driving, and Deferred Disposition.

You may sign a payment agreement if you can't pay all at once, however, a state fee of $15 is required if more than thirty days is needed to pay the fine in full. You will need to come to the Courthouse to sign your payment agreement.

If you have questions, call 806.775.1548 or 806.775.1547.



     Where can a citizen get a copy of their TYPE3A driving record from D.P.S? (click here)
     If your ticket is in Judge Hansen's Court, and you have not taken Defensive Driving in the last twelve months, you may wish to take the course to keep the offense off your record. You are not allowed to take defensive driving for some offenses, including but not limited to speeding more than 24 miles per hour over the limit, passing a school bus, fleeing a police officer, and certain other offenses. If the Department of Public Safety refuses to accept the defensive driving course because your record reflects you have had one within the last twelve months, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. You must receive permission from the Court to complete the course. The traffic offense will be dismissed if you take the course and present proof to the Court. To apply for defensive driving, you must do the following:

1) Submit a Money Order (call 775-1548 for amount)
2) Submit the money order, the ticket, and proof of insurance to the Court in person or by mail. You must be a listed driver on the insurance. The insurance must have the phone number and name of your insurance company to be considered valid.
3) Also include the signed and notarized affidavit. (click the word affidavit)
     The course must be state approved. YOU are responsible for making sure the course is completed and that the Court receives proof of took the course. If the Court has not received proof of a defensive driving course within the time prescribed by law, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.


     In some circumstances, you may request deferred adjudication from the Court. If you have a good driving record, and you are not currently on deferred disposition, you may make a request of the Court. Deferred disposition means you will be placed on probation for a period of up to one year. If you successfully complete the probationary period without receiving a moving violation anywhere in the State of Texas, the original charge will be dismissed. As part of deferred disposition, you are required by law to take a defensive driving course unless you can present proof to the Court that you have had a defensive driving class in the twelve months preceeding the date you were given your ticket. You must also provide the Court with proof of insurance.

    Deferred disposition is not an option if your ticket was for speeding 25 miles per hour or more over the limit, passing a school bus with children loading/unloading, occurred in a construction zone with workers present, or the ticket is for Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle (leaving an accident scene without exchanging driver information).



     If your expiration was less than 60 days, and you get the problem fixed (new license, tags, inspection ticket) and present proof to the Court, the Judge will consider recommending that the District Attorney dismiss the ticket.


     The Court may allow a defendent to take defensive driving if the defendent would like to have a no seatbelt ticket dismissed. The Only Circumstance in which a no seatbelt ticket may be dismissed would be a medical circumstance, and would require a letter from your doctor on his letterhead.