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Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations below represents the maximum time after a check is written during which we can file a theft case. We prefer that you file your complaint as soon as possible after receiving the check. We have found that prosecution of checks older than 90 days is difficult, often impossible because witnesses forget the facts or move away or otherwise become unavailable. Remember we collect checks in the order we receive them. Sooner is always better than later. The Statute of Limitations for theft is as follows:
misdemeanor = 2 years from the date the check was written
IBC and theft by check under $2,500.00 are both misdemeanors.

felony = 5 years from the date the check was written
A felony is generally charged when a check is exchanged for property whose value is $2,500.00 or more or includes firearms, sheep, cattle, horses, or exotic animals.

The Statute of Limitations runs until the case is either indicted by the Grand Jury or signed by the judge in the case of a misdemeanor. Once the case is filed, the Statute of Limitations no longer applies except if the case must be refiled.