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Our Training Institute 

The Texas Dispute Resolution Training Institute (DRTI), a division of the Texas Dispute Resolution SystemTM, conducts affordable alternative dispute resolution (ADR) training for individuals interested in becoming a mediator, arbitrator or other ADR neutral.  

The DRTI sponsors a variety of training classes ranging from 40-Basic Mediation Training to specific areas such as family Mediation training to specific areas such as Family Mediation and Parenting Coordinator.  

Most training programs meet Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements and are approved by the State Bar of Texas. Frequently, these State Bar approved courses are accepted by other professional licensing authorities for their continuing education requirements, through reciprocity with the State Bar. Check with your organization for more information.

Our Programs
Basic Mediation Training: A 5 day, 40-hour introductory mediation class
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Guardianship Mediation Training: A 24-hour workshop that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to mediate guardianship related matters.
Family Mediation Training: A 24-Hour workshop for mediation training specialized for family mediations.

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