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Traffic Tickets


What are my options?

On any traffic offense, you have the absolute right to plead Not Guilty and request a trial. The court will set a pretrial conference with the district attorney for you to appear and discuss the ticket. If you wish to plead Not Guilty, you may also request trial by Judge or Jury. You are not required to have an attorney in Court, but you may hire one if you wish.

If you choose to go to Court, you are responsible for bringing all papers, pictures, and exhibits with you to the Court hearing. You may also contact the Court for information on how to subpoena witnesses.

You may also plead Guilty or Nolo Contendre (No Contest) and pay the fine amount listed or you may be eligible for Defensive Driving. Drivers under 17 who get tickets are required to appear in Court with their parents.

What about Defensive Driving?

Where can a citizen get a copy of their driving record from D.P.S? (click here)

If your ticket is in Judge Hernandez's Court, and you have not taken Defensive Driving in the last twelve months, you may request to take the course to keep the offense off your record. You are not allowed to take defensive driving for some offenses, including but not limited to speeding more than 24 miles per hour over the limit, passing a school bus, fleeing a police officer, and certain other offenses. You must enter a plea and request permission from the Court to take defensive driving. The traffic offense will be reported to the Texas Department of Public safety as a completion of defensive driving if you take the course and present proof to the Court along with your driving record within the time frame given.

To apply for defensive driving, you must do the following: (in person or by mail) Must be postmarked by the appearance date 

1) Submit a written request entering your plea

2) Submit a check or Money Order for the fees (call 775-1328 for amount)

3) Submit a copy of driver license and insurance to the Court. The insurance must have the phone number and name of your insurance company to be considered valid and you must be listed on the policy.

The course must be state approved. YOU are responsible for making sure the course is completed and that the Court receives the certificate of completion. If the Court has not received proof of a defensive driving course within the time prescribed by law remaining fines will be reassessed  and it will become a part of your record.

Theft Tickets

Theft Tickets must appear before Judge to enter plea and find out fine and other possible requirements.

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