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Electronic Filing - Criminal

Lubbock County District Clerk Electronic Filing Information – Criminal

Beginning January 1, 2018, the Mandatory Criminal E-Filing deadline will take affect and Lubbock County will be under the Supreme Court mandate to electronically file criminal documents.

If you need to register for an Electronic Filing Service Provider, you may do so here:

eFile Support:

Technical Support: Tyler Technologies

Clerk Support: Alexandra Gongora, Chief Deputy
Sara Smith, District Clerk
Amber Cooper, Supervisor
Auto Attendant - 806-775-1585


  1. Case number format – how to search? When searching for a felony level case, you will search using Lubbock County – District Clerk – Criminal.  You will use the following case number format:  2020123456 (no hyphen or comma).  If you have a case with a suffix, you will search using this format: 2020123456A. If you are not able to find a case, please contact our office at 806-775-1577 or email  

  2. Magistrate Cases?  To search for a criminal magistrate case, you will search under Lubbock County – District Clerk – Criminal.  You will use an 10-digit sequence assigned to the defendant, i.e., 4007555111.  If the case is not listed, please email, and  The first available clerk will set the case up in the efiling system and notify you when the case has been added.”

  3. Signature Block – email address required. In addition to the other required information, you must include the email address of the filing attorney in your signature block.

  4. Pre-Trial Motions, how to submit? All pre-trial motions should be submitted electronically.  The Courts will no longer be sending your pretrials down to us for filing.  You should submit multiple pre-trial motions in one envelope as separate lead documents.  Proposed orders should be submitted in separate envelope, as separate lead documents to forward to the Court’s queue.  We have contacted the three District Court Judges to determine their preferences on bringing copies for the court with you for hearing.

137th – Per Judge McClendon – he wants attorneys to bring file-marked copies of the motions with them to hearings and prefers filing 48 hours prior to hearing.

140th – Per Judge Jim Darnell – he prefers you file pretrial motions a week in advance.  If pretrials not filed 48 hours prior to hearing, you will need to bring file-marked copies with you.

364th – Per Judge Eichman – he wants attorneys to bring file-marked copies of the motions with them to hearings and prefers filing 48 house prior to hearing. 

  1. How to submit proposed orders? All proposed orders must be submitted in an envelope by itself using the “Proposed Order” filing code.  If the proposed order is being filed subsequent to a motion, you will first submit your motion, then submit your proposed order in a separate envelope.

  2. My filing was returned for correction, will my original filing date be honored? The only way we will know to honor the original filing date is if you tell us to in the resubmission.  You will need to clearly indicate in the filing comments that this filing is a resubmission and give us the previous envelope # and filing date/ time.

  3. Indictments and courtroom paperwork? Indictments will still be processed in the same manner.  Plea paperwork and other trial documents will still be generated on paper and processed as previously done.

  4. Documents filed ex parte, in camera or under seal? Any documents filed ex parte, in camera, or under seal, should not be e-filed.  These documents should be filed over the counter in your usual manner.

  5. Expunctions – when you submit a proposed order setting hearing on an expunction case, please list the applicant’s name on the proposed order to facilitate the settings through the court coordinator.

  6. How to upload exhibits to my motion? All exhibits/attachments to the petition should be combined as one lead document with that motion. If you separate each exhibit as a separate lead document the filing will be returned so you can combine it as one PDF.

  7. I forgot to attach a signature page or exhibit to my already accepted filing? Once the clerk accepts a filing we are not able to alter or add to that document. If a page or other attachment is left off your filing you will need to amend and resubmit.

  8. What filing code do I use? The filing codes that you see are mandated by the state – they are meant to be generic. If you do not see one specific to what you are filing, use the closest and the clerk will update to the correct filing code upon acceptance.  Feel free to also contact our office at 806-775-1577 for clarification of filing codes.

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