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Lubbock County Transportation Roadway Improvement Program (TRIP)

Lubbock County initiated its first transportation roadway improvement program (TRIP) in the spring of 2018.  The first task was to identify all of the roadway infrastructure needs throughout Lubbock County through the 2045 planning year.

During the spring and summer of 2018, Lubbock County coordinated with each city, ISD, state and federal entity to catalog the transportation needs of Lubbock County.

The resulting list of projects were prioritized  based on the potential impact to increasing the safety of the facility, providing “all weather” school bus routes, the potential to attract partnership funds (local, state and federal) to promote economic development.  The identified projects include TxDOT on-system facilities, municipal streets, and county roads.

TRIP is organized into tiers of projects. The first tier of projects represents some of the most urgent needs in Lubbock County. The remaining tiers identify mid-range and long-range planned improvements.  As Lubbock County addresses needs, the TRIP will document the improvements while still planning for future improvements.  Each year the TRIP will be evaluated to be responsive to the transportation needs of Lubbock County.

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Transportation Roadway Improvement Program Map

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Thank you again for your interest.  Lubbock County transportation road improvement is worth the TRIP.

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